I'm Wole, A Life Transformation Coach

Change starts from within

Your mind is just like your bank account, you can only withdraw the exact deposits you make into it.

Wole Olusola

Who I am

Wole Olusola is a Certified Life Transformation Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Speaker and Author. 
He had an 18 year investment banking career which saw him work for Organisations like First Bank Plc, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc and BGL Asset Management Ltd where he was the Managing Director. 

From setback to comeback!

Wole Olusola

Who am I?

A Certified Life Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist.

I Coach.

A Mindset transformational coach helping you to bounce back from setbacks.

I Speak.

An influential speaker that aims to create an environment where my listeners don’t just listen, but are ready to spring into action.

I Write.

An intentional author whose purpose is to help you become a better version of yourself by creating life Transforming materials

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The Shift

Take advantage of my Coaching Book, The Shift to move from where you are to where you want to be. It has practical steps on how to change your thinking to achieve your desired results in every area of your life.

My Story

I had a very thriving career as a banker and was a Branch Manager with Guaranty Trust Bank. In late 2007, a friend of mine told me BGL Securities Limited needed experienced Branch Managers because they were expanding and that’s how I started my journey into investment banking. Life was good and I was earning well. In 2008, I saw a good opportunity to invest in the Capital market which I took with open arms. I took some loans to add to the cash I already had and invested tens of millions but unfortunately for me the market went south shortly after I invested.

I decided not to panic but saw my investment gradually become eroded. Meanwhile the loan I took was at 13% per annum and the bank soon wrote to increase it to 15% and then 17%. After that they stopped writing and the interest rate eventually became 21% per annum plus quarterly management fee of 2%. To add salt to injury, my salary was reduced by 35% because of the harsh realities of the industry.

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